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Journey into Imagination with Figment

Future World, Imagination Pavilion

Journey into Imagination with Figment is in it’s second life at Epcot.  Located in Future World at the Imagination Pavilion, this easy going, yet imaginative ride will take you and your imagination on a journey of fun!  The original ride featuring the fan favorite Dream Finder was remastered into its currently incarnation where Figment and Dr. Niles Channing teach you its not about listening with your ears its about listening with your Imagination!

  • This is a continuous loading attraction that features 3 carts together in groups going through the ride.  Each of the carts have 2 rows which can each hold 2 people.
  •  There is usually little to no wait at all even at the busier times of the day/year.
  • As you enter the loading zone, notice that the colors around you get brighter and brighter!
  • Be prepared for the Sense of Sounds and Smell area of the ride.  If you are over sensitive to loud noises or smells, it passes quickly. But just be prepared.
  • As you exit, you’ll find yourself in ImageWorks.  An interactive, fun place to run off some steam-and learn something!
  • There is no height requirement for Journey into Imagination with Figment, and the ride is very smooth.

Get your imagination turning while being guided by the cute dinosaur-Figment!  The fun and whimsy of this ride won’t be a “figment” of your imagination!  This is a fun attraction for everyone in your travel party.  Young children will love the bright colors, fun, and mischief of this attraction.

Quick Tip:  As you are waiting on a FastPass for Soarin’, enjoy Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  Also, take a chance at the end to send a fun Kodak picture via email to a family member!



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