Impressions de France

France Pavilion

Featured in a little theater in the France pavilion, this under-twenty-minute show takes you on a tour of the best sights and sounds of France.  While not a Circle-Vision 360 show like in China and Canada, Impressions de France is a very wide, panoramic screen.  Expect to visit Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, Cannes, the Alps, Mont Saint Michel, the Arc de Triumphe and other beautiful scenery throughout the nation.  The music is as graceful and fun as the film itself, making it a worthwhile stop for anyone visiting or passing through World Showcase.

  • If you time it right you can walk right in.  The show is around 15 minutes so that is the max you would ever find yourself waiting.
  • Unlike a few other theaters in World Showcase, Impressions de France has seats.
  • Guests may remain in their ECV or wheelchair to enjoy the show.

With it’s beautiful music, scenery, and story telling Impressions de France is a “must do” on your World Showcase list.  Many of us will never make it to the country of France, and Disney has brought it to us at the World Showcase. Enjoy a French pastry, sip some wine, and relax!

Quick Tip:  The score for the Impressions de France was recorded by the London Philharmagic!  If you enjoy classic music, this attraction is for you! 

Overall, we give Impressions de France an “A”.




2 thoughts on “Impressions de France

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one…definitely on the must-do list for our next trip! I love the Canada and China movies!

  2. We love this movie, and on our last trip with kids ages 4 and almost 2, they enjoyed it too. It makes for a nice A/C break with comfortable seats, good music, and great visual interest. Highly recommended!

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