Kali River Rapids

Kali River Rapids

If you’ve ever dreamed about white water rafting, this is as close as you can come to the real thing! Pull on that poncho and get ready to get wet! You will find this 12 passenger raft ride only takes about 5 minutes,  but one wrong spin and you will be soaking wet- so beware! The theme of this ride is awareness of illegal logging. Starting in the queue if you listen closely you will hear the chainsaws performing this illegal task. As always the Disney details don’t disappoint!

  • Fastpass is available and because you almost always get wet and have potential to get drenched the hotter and more humid the weather, the bigger the crowd at this ride.
  • There is a waterproof storage area in the center of the raft.  This is where you can store your belongings so they don’t get soaked.
  • Some people prefer to wear ponchos on this ride.  That’s a great idea, but your feet will still get wet.
  • Rider Switch is also an option for Kali River Rapids, as you must be 38 inches to ride.

Kali River Rapids is a “must do”!  It’s fun, fast, slightly thrilling, and  you’ll be cooled off in no time!  Please know you will get wet-some guests even pack extra clothes, ride Kali River Rapids several times in succession, and then change into dry clothes for the rest of the day!

Quick Tip:  Stand on the bridge near the end of the ride.  You can shoot fellow tourists with water from the elephants!

Overall, we give Kali River Rapids an “A+”.

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5 thoughts on “Kali River Rapids

  1. This is one of my favorite rides! I hope my daughter likes it as much as I do when we go down! 🙂

  2. We have not made it on this ride the last three trips….hoping to make it part of our next visit!!

  3. This ride is great! If you are a fan of the river rides or log rides this one will blow your mind. However, we went with my son who had just turned 3 at the time and he was the ONLY one that got soaked which completely ruined the experience. There is no way to know who is gonna get wet but there is definitely a chance that someone will get soaked. The worst part about it was he had to sit in the harness until the ride was over (obviously) and he was crying and I couldn’t hold him. He said he’s ready to go again this time (in September and he’s 4 now) but I’m still not so sure!

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