Festival of the Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King is just that-a fabulous, stellar Broadway festival of gorgeous costumes, music, and sweet Simba.  This show has all the pomp and circumstance of a Broadway production featuring singing, dancing, puppetry, acrobatics and your favorite classic Lion King characters!

  •  FOLK is a 30 minute indoor show and is well air-conditioned.
  • Without giving away too much information there are lots of thrills and surprises along the way as well as opportunity for audience participation and some new takes on favorite songs and musical numbers.
  • This is wildly popular so check your times guide and head over to the theatre about 15-20 minutes early, during busy times the large theatre has been known to get filled!
  • There is not a bad seat in the theater-so be ready for an awesome show!
  • The benches are wood, with no backs.  They get slightly uncomfortable by the end of the show.

Plan to arrive early-try to get the first or last show of the day-for the minimal wait times.  Kids have a special opportunity to be part of the show, so it might be a good idea to sit close to the stage in hopes of being picked.  This show is so fabulous-you’ll be glad you took time out of your touring to enjoy the Festival of the Lion King!

Quick Tip:  While viewing the show, there is so much to look at !  The costumes are fascinating-take some time to really look at their details!  Minnie, Mickey, and friends can be found for a meet and greet in Camp Minnie/Mickey-not far from the theater.  

Overall, we give the Festival of the Lion King an “A+”.




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