Pinocchio’s Village Haus

Pinocchio Village Haus

Located in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, Pinocchio’s Village Haus offers a decent counter service menu, with a fun atmosphere-with a unique view.  It’s adjacent to, and overlooking the It’s a Small World Ride, and you can wave off passengers as they head off on the happiest cruise that’s ever set sail!  Options at Pinocchio’s include salads and individual pizzas.  There are hot and cold subs available occasionally here as well,  but for the most part the menu works around the pizza.  Food here is consistent and seating can be tough,  so on crowded days be sure to send someone from your party to scout out seats while you order!

Pinocchio’s Village Haus is on the Disney Dining Plan, and is a counter service credit on your plan.  Also, while the restaurant can get crowded, it is also a very large one.  Therefore, finding seating-indoor or out-won’t be that hard.  It is a good idea to plan on getting a flatbread or two to share with your family, which can make your dining credits stretch further.  They have a variety of flatbreads including a Caprese Flatbread, as well as a BBQ Chicken one.  You can find their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give Pinocchio’s Village Haus an “A”.




5 thoughts on “Pinocchio’s Village Haus

  1. We always eat here at least once a trip. We get the pepperoni flat bread pizza and it has a pretty decent taste. Last time though over spring break you had to have your food before you could get a seat. So it made standing in line very crowded. They had the seating roped off and you could only get in if you had a food purchase. I tried to explain I had someone with diabetes and they needed to sit down and get their blood sugar first. It went in deaf ears.

  2. This was always our go to place for lunch when my family would go to Disney. I remember it always being so crowded and hard to find a spot. But I loved sitting near the window where you could see it’s a small world loading and unloading 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this place. It’s right in Fantasyland next to Dumbo so it was right there when we all decided we were hungry (First visit so we went with no plan). We had a group of 9 so I thought we’d have trouble finding a place but there’s a large table to the left that held our group comfortably. Everyone was happy with their meals. What I love about Disney kids meals is that almost everything comes with grape. Not good if you have an infant, but my toddler to tweens love grapes. We had a little wait after we ordered but not too bad for the middle of June. I’ve heard others say this is a “Skip” for them but I’d eat there again.

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