Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbor House is located in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.  It is a counter service option on the Disney Dining Plan, but the menu boasts otherwise.  This is a “must try” while on your Disney vacation, and offers a break from the “typical” fare provided by most other counter service options on Disney property.

There are some highlights of dining at Columbia Harbor House, and it’s one of the best uses of your Quick Service Dining Credits on Disney property.  You’ll find many fresh seafood menu options.  You’ll find salmon, lobster roll, and white tuna as some of the more unique menu options.  You’ll also find traditional items such as chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese for the less adventurous eaters in your group.  Chili and Clam Chowder also grace the menu at this restaurant.

There’s a large seating and dining area.  If you are unable to secure a table on the main level, there is often seating upstairs.  From upstairs tables, you can often see the Liberty Belle riverboat taking it’s route on the river.  Or, just enjoy watching the crowds come and go from Haunted Mansion.  The menu doesn’t change from lunch to dinner, so you can enjoy all of the items at either meal.

There is something calming and quiet about the atmosphere of Columbia Harbor House, unlike some other counter service locations at Magic Kingdom.  The portions are very plentiful, often enough to share with a few others in your family.  If you’re looking for a unique, easy going, great location dinner experience at Magic Kingdom, Columbia Harbor House is for you.  You can see their full menu HERE.

Overall, we give this dining option an “A”.


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7 thoughts on “Columbia Harbour House

  1. Best counter service at Magic Kingdom! Lots of different options, even items that are healthier. I LOVE the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich. Fresh tuna with very little mayo and the bread is amazing.

  2. We will definitely be trying this out! I like their menu items, and I’ve read good things.

  3. This is one place we’ve never tried, but it is on our short list for our next trip “home”.

  4. While it can sometimes be hard to find a table at peak times, the food is great and tables continually open up, so you never have to wait too long for a table.

  5. We love to go there right when they open in the morning for an early lunch before the crowds.  Works wonderfully with our 4 younger children.  We hit Fantasyland first thing in the morning, have lunch and regroup!

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