Parades & Fireworks


The Walt Disney World Resort is home to more than just rides, attractions, and fabulous eateries!

Once you are done eating and playing be sure to make time for the fabulous parades and fireworks experiences throughout the four Disney parks!

Magic Kingdom


Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

For Parade and Firework Times I would check a website like Touring Plans for more info.

Note: Always double check times on the park Times Guide, as even though many are on a regular schedule Disney does schedule refurbishments and change times during different times of the year.


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87 thoughts on “Parades & Fireworks

  1. Best place for the Main Street electrical parade is in Frontier Land. Its where the parade ends and not many people stand back there.

  2. Disney does fireworks like no other place. Now the kids don’t even care about 4th of just fireworks. They say “its just not as good as Disney”

  3. I just love how over the top all the fireworks, parades, and light shows are at Disney. They go well beyond what any of us would believe to be possible.

  4. Wishes is an awesome firework show every evening!! I love it!! Wiiiiisssshhhheeeessss!!!

  5. I love Wishes and Fantasmic! We’re trying out the dessert party this year for Wishes and I can’t wait!

  6. these are the best.. I still get giddy about the Electrical Parade, and I’m taking my own kids to see it now! I love the mix of classics with new- we were excited to see Pete and his dragon, Elliot, which was my husband’s favorite growing up, still around and in the parade! We hope they keep him there! 🙂

  7. I like to watch the MK fireworks from behind the castle. I like to sit in front of Peter Pan, puts you a little closer.

  8. Love watching Wishes. Something is so magical about being in Magic Kingdom and watching them flash through the sky!

  9. I am really looking forward to seeing Fantasmic with my family at our upcoming trip. So excited!!

  10. My favorite parade is MSEP! I love the nostalgia it brings back for me, I have vivid memories of watching it from my Dad’s shoulders when I was a kid 🙂

  11. I adore the World of Color show! Saw it last year in Disneyland and it was amazing! The colors, the music, the movie clips! Love it

  12. WOW I did not know there was a parade in the Animal Kingdom. We have to add that to our must do list for the day we are in that park!!

  13. I can’t believe they got rid of the Spectromagic Parade! That was my all time favorite parade I have ever seen! It makes me so sad. The music and everything was so brilliant. I hope they decide to bring it back someday!

  14. Illuminations is the best fireworks I have seen. It brought tears to my eyes. Make sure you get a spot early so you have a good view.

  15. just got to see the 4th of July fireworks show–I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the all-around-you fireworks! They used to do much more of that for Wishes! but not so much anymore. I love Wishes!, don’t get me wrong, but the 4th show was just amazing. Thank you, Disney!

  16. LOVE the Electrical Light Parade! I remember it from when I was a little girl at Disneyland. I went to one of the final performances at Disneyland before it was retired. I was so happy when it was brought back to life in California Adventure. I miss it in CA, but am glad that it is being enjoyed at WDW MK.

  17. This is a nice place to look over all parade info for the parks. So sorry we never got to see the Spectromagic Parade.

  18. May God Rest his Soul.. My Dad’s favorite parade was the Main Street Electrical Parade and Thanks to him, it’s my favorite to. For me it’s a classic and a staple to true Disney Magic.. I absolutely love it!!

  19. We missed the MK fireworks on our last trip to Disney with our little ones because they were super late (11 pm). I am hoping that the next time around they have fireworks earlier because mine are now at an age where they are really excited to see them, and I want to see the look on my kids’ faces when Tinker Bell takes flight. 🙂

  20. No trip to Disney is complete without at least one night of watching fireworks! It will spoil you though.. 🙂

  21. We love the parades! The Main Street Electrical Parade, MNSSHP & MVMCP parades are my absolute favorites! We like to watch the fireworks in Fantasyland or Frontierland!

  22. Where not to watch Fireworks at MK? Outside Be Our Guest! You’re between different “layers” there and have things happening both in front of and behind you.

  23. I like to take the monorail over to the Polynesian,get a Mickey bar at Captain Cookes and sit on the beach to watch the fireworks!

  24. My best tip is for people wanting to see WISHES. If you have already seen the MSELP I suggest going to the bench that is right near Crystal Palace on the path that cuts from main street to Frontier Land. People all line up to watch the parade and you can get a seat with full view of the castle. Just wait out the parade (you can even catch glimpses of it and can certainly hear it). Its a nice break and you can get out from the main crowd. We go back to MK almost every night to watch the fireworks and once we have seen the parade, this spot is where we always go!

  25. Thanks for this great list of the parades. I can never remember when the 3 o’clock one starts! Love you site guys!!


  26. Our family really enjoys all the different parades. We are looking forward to our trip at the end of November!

  27. I’m so sad that they retired Spectromagic! I like it so much better than Main Street Electrical Parade.

  28. I love the fireworks at Disney! I was so happy to learn that the Fort Wilderness resort has a spot that you can sit on the bridge and actually see some of the fireworks for Magic Kingdom! Did not realize that until our 4th stay!

  29. Although our visit this summer wasn’t our first, it was the first time to be there for parades or fireworks. Last time we were between “seasons” and didn’t get to see any:( We loved all of the parades, but the Electrical Parade and Wishes were our favorites, especially since we saved them for our last night. We also love the fireworks at Epcot. They were spectacular.

  30. I remember seeing the Spectromagic Parade for the first time on my first trip to Disney, it was truly amazing. I will be sharing the the joys of seeing the Electric Parade for the first time with my children on our next trip. I hope it is as amazing as the Spectromagic Parade.

  31. We are going in 6 days to Disney* and cannot wait to see the parades and fireworks .Magic Kingdom fireworks are fantastic.

  32. The only thing that is difficult is trying to schedule the times so you can see the different parades and fireworks!

  33. We had such an awful night time parade experience last year at MK. We will probably skip the night time parade and just enjoy our PIRATES AND PALS!! Fireworks Voyage on the 2nd night of our trip. Can’t wait to see Wishes from aboard the boat!

  34. My kids fav parade is the Electric parade and the Pixar parade. They also love the Fantasmic, Wishes and Illuminations. I Love them all. It’s like they all have a personality of their own.

  35. my son is finally old enough to really enjoy the parades and fireworks. i’m so excited to let him experience the wonder. i should say – i’m excited to experience it with him for the first time! =)

  36. Have to say my fav night time show is Fantasmic! Funny thing is the seat the first ones to the sides so I like to get there maybe a little later then when people start lining up to get the middle seats.

  37. If Disney runs the Wishes Fireworks dessert party, get tickets for it. We opted for it last August and we had an amazing table, brought the double stroller inside and they had desserts galore. They even brought out special desserts to accomodate my special diet. Plus we had AMAZING seats for Wishes and didn’t have to sit on a curb or stand through the entire performance with kids on our shoulders!

  38. So glad the Electrical Parade is running.  I love it.  I hope that if they’re planning to do some work on Fantasmic in the new year that we’ll be able to catch it in March.  It’s my favorite.

  39. I am so excited to get to see the Electrical Parade for the first time in years.  Hope it is a great as it was when I was little.

  40. A little tip that I’ve learned over the many years of WDW trips: GET THERE EARLY! Grab a snack, a lap activity for the kids (like a coloring book and crayons, or thier travel game system), and find your ‘perfect’ spot to watch the parade or fireworks!

  41. A little tip that I’ve learned over the many years of WDW trips: GET THERE EARLY! Grab a snack, a lap activity for the kids (like a coloring book and crayons, or thier travel game system), and find your ‘perfect’ spot to watch the parade or fireworks!

  42. i have seen most of the parades at the parks and i really enjoyed them but my favorite is the electrical parade

  43. i have seen most of the parades at the parks and i really enjoyed them but my favorite is the electrical parade

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