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    Lynn Green Brooks

    We do just about all of this.  One thing that helps to save money is 2 times a year there is a sale called Wee Runs.  You can sell your kis clothes, toys, cribs, anything to do with babies and kids.  And you can buy kids clothes etc.  They do this in the spring and fall.  Saves a lot of money.  I either get more money back than what I spend or either I am even.  I can buy kids clothes for $1. 

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    Kim Hartshorn

    We have TWO piggy banks! One up and one down stairs. Gotta make sure that change hits the bank right after emptying the pockets before it is spent!!

  3. 2

    Karen harris

    I love all these ideas. If you haven’t ever checked out Kristin at Couponing to Disney (Chip & Co is buddies with her) she will give you tons of ideas to save $$$.

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    Tracy Johnson

    Great article!!  Some really good ideas.  We love going in the off season when it’s cooler.  Our oldest son has high functioning autism and the smaller crowds are much easier for him to deal with. 

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