Pixar’s Onward: Bridging the Familial Gap

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Pixar’s Onward is just a few weeks away from its March 6th release. The film is already starring to resonate with fans on an emotional level with its previews and sneak peeks. There’s a reason why the story of Onward hits so close to home. It starts with trust and bridging the gap in a family.

Pixar’s Onward: Bridging the Familial Gap

For director, Dan Scanlon, this story starts at home. The family dynamic of Ian and Barley Lightfoot with their long lost father is something Scanlon can relate too. Dan and his brother lost their father at a very young age. In Scanlon’s mind, everything his father is was always a mystery. This is the same way that the Lightfoot brothers feel about their father.

Ian and his brother are left with a letter from their father, a magic spell, and a staff. Following their father’s instructions and an old spell, the two attempt to bring their father back from the dead for one more day with him.

Pixar’s Onward: Bridging the Familial Gap

When things don’t according to plan, the brothers embark on an epic journey. They will have to overcome unforeseen obstacles, face their fears, and learn how to trust one another and their own instincts. They must bridge that familial gap and grow closer together in order to see their father one last time.

Pixar’s Onward arrives in theaters on March 6th, 2020. This feature takes viewers on a journey of epic proportions! You do not want to miss this!

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