Pixar Releases Title Poster For Animated Short “Lou”

A new title card for Pixar’s next animated short – “Lou” was released today. The short will accompany “Cars 3” when its released this June. “Lou” as you might be able to tell from the poster is about items you might find in a “Lost and Found.”

Lou, himself, is an unseen monster who lives in the Lost and Found box taking the form of a red hoodie that uses a baseball and button for eyes. Without giving too much away, Lou involves a strong anti-bullying message.

“Lou” is directed by Dave Mullins and Dana Murphy. This is Mullins’ directorial debut. He said the short was inspired by his own childhood and being moved around from school to school.
Here’s a reminder of the teaser Pixar last year:

I’m looking forward to another great Pixar short! How about you?

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