PIXAR Illustrators Give a Few Lessons on How to Draw Cars 3 Characters

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Draw Cars 3 Characters

Cars 3 is PIXAR’s next biggest film! To celebrate this incredible new film Pixar Animation Studios recently gave a peek at couple of lessons on how to draw Cars 3 characters like an animation artist would. There is also a new book by Garret Taylor, who is an animation artist at Pixar called Cars 3 Lead the Way, showcasing some of his stunning art.

Watch and be amazed as Disney Artists put their art and trivia skills to the test for Disney Quick Draw with how to Draw Cars 3 Characters! Below, Garret Taylor draws Cruz Ramirez, the car that is helping Lightning McQueen recover from an accident.

Watch and be amazed as Garret puts his art and trivia skills to the test for Disney Quick Draw! Garret shows off perspective and placement with his sketch of the young technician Cruz Ramirez. I love that he talks about his experience on Cars 3, and he even tells us his favorite car to draw! You can check out his new book Cars 3 Lead the Way on Amazon which is now available for pre-order. His illustrations are incredible!

Cars 3 Lead the Way:

In your life, you may find somebody important, somebody who steers you in the right direction, guides you down long roads, and keeps you on track to follow your dreams. Then, one day, you may find it’s your turn to lead the way.

Ride along with Lightning McQueen as he revisits many of his cherished moments with the late and great Doc Hudson. Lightning has learned so many inspiring things from Doc that he would like to pass on to Cruz Ramirez–including a lesson about what it really means to win.

Mike Wu, another animator at Pixar, treated viewers to a lesson that shows how to draw Jackson Storm:

Mike Wu he shows how to draw Jackson Storm, a hot new rookie coming onto the scene in the Cars Universe. He demonstrates how to show attitudes and personality through drawing the eyes, and expressions. We also learn who his favorite PIXAR character is! Mike Wu also has a couple of Illustrated books available too! You can check out Ellie and Oona Finds an Egg both available on Amazon now.

Cars 3 is was created to be more than just a sequel made for the sake of selling more toys. It promises to be an emotional story about growing, and finding your place in the world, even when there are ups and downs in life.

These videos were an incredible look into new characters of the Cars universe! Did you enjoying learning to Draw Cars 3 Characters? If you can’t wait for more on Cars 3, be sure to check out Cars 3 Lead the Way!