Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

We’ve all seen them: the Professional Pin Traders descending on a new Pin release. They’ve been lined up for hours to be one of the first to own it. They have their Pin Trading Briefcases loaded with rare variations that the common Disney fan hasn’t even heard of. And they know about every upcoming Pin release almost before Disney does!

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

Darkwing Duck early Promo Pin. Note the original character name.

You might ask: If I want to buy a Pin, do I have to be like that?

Fear not, for Pin Trading is actually for everyone! Although Disney would like Pin Trading to become your latest obsession, it isn’t necessary to become involved in a sub-culture just to buy a pretty Pin. What follows are some basic tips on how to enjoy Pin Trading for the Newbie:

1. Buy only what you like. As with any collectible, some Pins will be more valuable later on than others. But nothing kills the joy of collecting faster than putting investment ahead of fun! I usually look for Pins that are colorful, well designed, or have my favorite character or attraction on it. I don’t worry about collecting entire sets or releases. Just buy what catches you eye; because contrary to what Disney wants you to believe, it’s OK to buy just one Pin.

Here is a word of caution: Disney has switched to a color-coding method for pricing new Pins. Each Pin Card will have a color sticker on the back that coincides with a Price Chart posted on a wall near by. Beware! This is a way for Disney to get you to lose track of how much you are spending while buying. So be sure to add the prices up as you pick out your favorite Pins.

2. Use a Lanyard. You can purchase a Lanyard / Pin set for less than buying the Pins on their own. So immediately, you are ahead of the price game. Then you can trade the Pins on the Lanyard that you don’t like for ones you do. This amounts to getting the Pins you want for less money than buying them separately. Also, wearing a Lanyard tells other Pin Traders and Cast Members that you are ready to Trade. And that brings us to…

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

Promo Lanyard for the opening of the new Hanes store at Downtown Disney.

3. Trade with other Guests. Look for other Pin Traders while you are walking around the Parks and Resorts, or while waiting in line for Rides and Attractions. This is a great way to pass the time! But remember, other Guests aren’t under any obligation to Trade with you. It is a voluntary transaction, so you will have to have a Pin they want for a Trade to take place.

4. Trade with Cast Members. Almost all Cast Members who have interaction with Guests will be wearing a Lanyard (or they have a small board with Pins for Trading under their Sales Counter), and will always be willing to stop what they are doing to Trade with you, and especially with children. Whereas other Guests can refuse to Trade with you, Cast Members will only do so if you offer a Pin that is not an official Pin Trading release. There are fake Pins as well as non-trading Pins out there. For children, Trading a Pin with a Cast Member can be a highlight of any Disney vacation!

5. Buy Combo Packs. As with buying a Lanyard, Combo Packs of Pins are an economical way to get into Pin Trading. Whereas individual Pins can cost from $8.95 to $10.95 or more, each Pin in a Combo Pack can average less than $5.00. I recommend looking for sets that are being liquidated at additional discounts. Remember, you can always Trade them with a Cast Member, so they don’t have to be Pins that you want for yourself.

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

Collectible Pin Set from Disney’s Movie Rewards.

6. Pick up old Pins Second-hand. Charity Shops, Garage and Yard Sales, and Antique Shops all yield a Trading Pin now and then. Usually you can pick them up for under $2.00. Trading Pins never ‘expire’ or become untradable. So if you find a Pin, even if you don’t like it, buy it for later Trading!

Pin Trading for Newbies – Realistic Tips

An older Pin release.

7. Display your Pins. Keeping your new acquisitions in a drawer is no fun! So think of a way that your family can display these colorful keepsakes. My wife and I use Belts that we attach our Pins to and then we hang them on the wall. One of my Disleelandia readers has her Pins attached to a large cloth banner, which she then hung on the wall. Some frame them. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to display your Pins where you can enjoy them for years to come!

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