Photos – New Pop Century Merchandise At Everything POP

Pop Century Merchandise

Staying at a Disney Resort is pretty exciting in and of itself. If you’re a fan of Pop Centuryy, or just want to commemorate that you stayed there, there are lots of colorful new options to bring home. If you’re the planning type like me you can check out some photos of the new Pop Century Merchandise available now at Everything POP below.

Pop Century Merchandise

You can find all of these colorful items located on a fixture in the middle of the shop side before entering the food court area.

Pop Century Merchandise

T-shirts are always a popular souvenir. I love how this season’s tee is a fun blue tie-dye! It really captures the vibe of the resort I feel.

Remember your home away from home when ever you take a sip with drinkware featuring Pop Century. There is a tie-dye travel mug available that matches the fun new t-shirt. You can also stay hydrated on the go with the sporty pop art water bottle. Or, if you’re looking for something for the home, there are even glasses available with the classic logo.

I am a big fan of magnets! Disney magnets are always really strong too, so they are great for putting pictures of my vacation on the fridge. There is a classic logo magnet available, as well as a pop art styled one. The pop art style is super cute, I think I might have to add it to my wishlist!

The same styles are also available as Disney Trading Pins! I actually collect a pin each time I stay at a Disney Resort, so it’s great to see new updates like the pop art style.

The tie-dye style is also showcased in a beautiful ceramic ornament souvenir. The Mickey shaped ceramic ornaments have become quote popular for commemorating places, events, and holidays at the Disney Parks.

Of course if you always want to carry a piece of Pop Century with you, the key chains are the way to go. There are two key chains available one in the classic logo, and the other in the new pop art style. The classic logo is a colorful rubber key chain, while the pop art one is a silver metal key chain.

Pop Century Merchandise

Now the Rubik’s Cube is not necessarily Pop Century branded, but it does fit right in with the theme. You can find a Disney Theme Park edition Rubik’s cube with all of the fun Pop Century souvenirs. I think it’s the perfect home for it considering the giant Rubik’s Cube you can find at the resort.

Pop Century Merchandise

Which colorful souvenirs from the new Pop Century Merchandise assortment are your favorites?

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