Keeping your cell phone battery charged at the Disney Parks

phone battery charged
Now a days everyone has a cell phone. Parents, kids, even your pets. Ok not really your pets but pretty much everyone. I know when I visit the Disney Parks I post photos, check the Chip and Co Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. With trying to capture each moment, sometimes it’s hard to keep the phone battery charged.

I know you should enjoy the parks but sometimes lines can be long and if you’re anything like me I take about 500 photos a day. On my last trip to Disneyland before I left, I picked up one of these Anker PowerCore 20100. I was a little skeptical if it would be sufficient enough to keep my cell phone charged for such a heavy user. I was completely wrong. This little beauty had enough juice to recharge my Samsung S6 5 times! I couldn’t believe something that small could keep my phone battery charged the entire day and then some.

Whenever I went into a dark ride, sat down for a meal, or walking around I kept my phone plugged in. The other thing that I loved about the Anker PowerCore 20100 is that is uses the Fast Charging technology that is on all newer devices. So I could let my battery get down to 10% and it would charge it back up to full in no time. Honestly this is a MUST HAVE if you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other smart phone.

It comes in White or Black and you are going to love the price. It is only $39.99 on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members! Not bad!

It will allow you to plug in 2 devices at once so make sure to bring your cables with you. One family could get away with using just one of these all day at the Disney Parks. Not bad huh?

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