Peter Pan Flight queue extended though Columbia Harbor House

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Peter Pan Flight

There’s no doubt that Disney’s Magic Kingdom is quite busy this holiday season! Many Disney guests are enjoying their favorite attractions, such as the classic Peter Pan’s Flight.

However, the line is now stretching all the way into Liberty Square these days! The line now has patient guests being led through Columbia Harbour House as it wraps back to the attraction’s entrance.

The main reason the line is looking longer is because of spacing requirements to maintain a safe physical distance. But those waiting for the ride are quite eager to once again experience the popular Fantasyland attraction!

In fact, the whole ride itself is imaginative, including the interactive murals in the queue. The Walt Disney World version received an update in 2015 with enhancements in the queue.

When guests enter the line, they enter into the home of the Darlings in the children’s bedroom.  Here you will find Nana’s doghouse and Tinkerbell as fairy lights dance across the walls.  On another wall, you can play along with Peter Pan’s shadow as it dances and plays along with your movements.

The adventure begins once you board your flight! As you continue to fly higher and higher it feels as if you are above the clouds!  In reality, at the highest point in the ride, you are 17 feet off the ground.  Imagineers create the illusion as if you are much higher using force perceptive.  This forced perspective is created through the creative construction of the buildings and scenery making you feel higher than you actually are.

Let us know your favorite memory of Peter Pan’s Flight!

Kevin Koszola