Permits filed for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad refurbishment

Big Thunder Mountain refurb

Are you a fan of the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom? A recent filing for a permit indicates that Disney has plans to soon refurbish the Frontierland attraction.

The permit states how the refurbishment is to “Provide labor, material and/or electrical for construction.”

The plans to update Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will helps prepare the attraction for Disney World’s 50th anniversary. There’s no date yet as to when they will start the refurbishment, but it’s likely going to be modified before the end of 2021. The permit plans does indicate a temporary closure will be announced soon if Disney intends to upgrade the ride.

The refurbishment details are vague for now, but it’s likely the Florida theme park will get an upgrade similar to Disneyland’s version. The 2016 update Disneyland’s Big Thunder attraction gave an explosive finale to the end of the ride. Guests can watch a projection experience of dynamite being lit in the final tunnel. A fog machine creates smoke when the dynamite explodes and riders proceed down the last major roller coaster drop.

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