Permanent Changes Are Coming to the Guest Assistance Card (GAC)

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Many of you may remember that we have been reporting on some possible changes coming to the Guest Assistance card, well it seems as though these changes are about to become reality.

These changes are set to take place Oct 9. As of that date the new program called Disabled Access Service Card will be in full effect. Now the system at WDW will work just like the system, now in place at Disneyland. It’s going to be like a Fastpass.

Here are the details:

  • There will be Guest Relations kiosks set up all throughout the parks.
  • You tell the CM what ride you want to go on and they will check the current wait time on their iPad and then the CM will write out a return time on a return pass. It is said they will subtract some travel time.
  • You can do whatever you want within that time. Just like with a traditional Fastpass.
  • Don’t forget, you must return within the time frame on the card, again just like a traditional Fastpass.

I know there are different stamps for the GAC pertaining to different access for different disabilities. I hear that will also be no more. There will be just one DAS card for everyone who needs it.

With the new DAS system the card will only be good for one day. However if you are staying for longer than that and you can prove it they may give it you for your length of stay.

Also your picture will be on the front of the card so they can verify that it is you that is in fact using the card and you are not passing it off to all of your family and friends.

I was told that that at some point it will work with the new Magicbands.  The Cast Member I spoke to did not know how long the new card would be good for annual passholders but it should be a permanent thing in my opinion.

They will use the current GAC’s until Oct 9th. I try not to prejudge things that I have not experienced yet, but I am not feeling this new service. There are many people, like myself, with “Invisible Disabilities” who have a hard enough time getting people to believe that we in fact have a disability. I think this is going to make it harder for us. However I think the bigger problem are going to come from individuals with Autism. Disney says they worked with Autism Speaks to ensure that the card will work for them as well.

I try to look at an issue from all sides and I do see their point but I also think it is horrible to allow a few cheaters to change an entire system, that is working well for the most part.

It has been reported that the Guest Assistance Card is a front of the line pass, well it is not. I use a GAC sometimes and there have been times where I have had to wait longer than the stand by line. So it definitely is not a front of the line pass.

Disney will release more info as the date for the change approaches.

I have my doubts but I will give it a chance, since I have no other option really. How do you feel about this change?

Update 9/26/2013: I have some updated info on the DAS system. The last day of the GAC system will be Oct 8th. The new system will be in place Oct. 9th. The new system will have the persons picture on the front and the card will be larger than the current GAC card because the back of it will be used for the CM at the ride to fill out your return times. I was assured that there will be a CM at every ride/attraction, not a kiosk, to issues you a return time. The person whose picture is on the card does have to ride the ride with their group, so no passing the card to others. However anyone can go to the ride and get a return time, not necessarily the card holder. I was told this will benefit children with Autism because they will not have to go to the ride and then walk away from it causing a meltdown.

You can not have more than one active return time. You will have to get a new card pretty much every time you go, even passholders. This does not work affect Fastpass or Fastpass+ , so you can use all of the above. The guest limit is still 6.

They are still going through training on this so he did not know all the details yet and he wasn’t even supposed to tell me this, I guess my Psychology training finally paid off. He said the cardholder will have to sign something saying that they will not abuse the card and they understand how it works and if you don’t follow the rules your card will be permanently revoked.

Let me say if you have one GAC currently and you have more than one person with health issues in your family, like my situation, I would say now get one for each family member or else it seems as though this can be misconstrued as lying. Just my observations! 

They will also be limiting what types of disabilities will be able to get the new DAS card. I see this not going well at all. If you have mobility issues or if you use a stroller as a wheelchair then you will not need the DAS. These are not my words this came straight from a guest services CM. They are not looking forward to the change because they know there will be a lot of very upset guests. So lets remember to be nice to the CM because the changes are not coming from them, they are just the messenger. I am a former CM so I know how hard they work and the abuse they take.

Wishing you Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust




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3 thoughts on “Permanent Changes Are Coming to the Guest Assistance Card (GAC)

  1. This is insane. It already takes longs for us with mobility issues to get through the crowded park. As another guest said; get ticket, sit and wait. At least before we were able to get in the line cue. You felt like you were achieving something. Will be interesting to see how they treat us with the ECVs. They already treat us like dirt most of the time. This just make it worse. Think I will be considering Univ, SW and/or Legoland as my vacation spots. Disney is really turning my stomach. We did a 5-year hiatus due to some other “stunt” they pulled. Just returned this year to give them another try. We go at Christmas again. Will see but I see a different future for us on our FL visits. CA already was unfriendly to the mobility impaired.

  2. Only 1 stamp at a time. So we go to the parks get a 2 hour wait time for a ride and have to find somewhere to sit and wait, then do the ride and another wait. All we will be doing all day is waiting for our time slot.

  3. I’m curious to see how this works. My daughter suffered a severe stroke at the age of three due to a head trauma…….having the GAC has been very nice in the past. We have NEVER gone straight to the front of any line with it. We have typically gone thru the fastpass line except for small world and peter pan (I think) then we go thru the handicap entrance (but still have to wait 5-10 mins). While my daughter looks happy and healthy, she still suffers from right sided weakness and the more tired she gets, the worse it is. We go back to WDW in November so we shall see……

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