Can You Pack Too Much for your Disney Vacation?

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While there are many things you’ll need to pack for your Disney vacation, is it possible to pack too much? The quick answer is YES! You can pack too much for your vacation. It might seem like a great idea to try to fit as much as you possibly can into your luggage, but doing this could actually pose a few problems.

Baggage Fees – Overfilling your suitcase will cause it to weigh more. Not only does this make it more of a hassle to carry/roll your luggage, but it could also result in higher airline fees. Depending on your airline and the weight of your bag, you may have to pay extra for your overloaded luggage. Flying is expensive enough without extra baggage fees, so don’t spend extra money on your bags unless it’s really necessary.

Souvenirs – If you’ve like me, part of the fun of a Disney vacation is purchasing Disney Parks souvenirs. You can find all kinds of exclusive park merchandise at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Once you’ve made your purchases and your vacation sadly comes to an end, you’ll need to store all of your new Disney items somewhere to transport them home. If you’re flying, you will need to put your souvenirs in either your luggage or your carry on. Obviously, this means there needs to be room in your suitcases. If you came with a fully packed suitcase, you might not have room for your souvenirs! So be sure to leave extra space when packing for your vacation.

What about packing your bag to take with you <a ” href=”” target=”_blank”>to the parks? Keeping up with a lot of stuff while trying to enjoy Disney can be a little difficult; therefore, I am a firm believer in taking as little as possible with me to the parks. Now, I know this isn’t practical for everyone. Obviously, if you have small children there will be items such as diapers, formula, changes of clothes for messy eaters, etc. that you just can’t do without. But if you travel with older children, or like me, travel without children, you might be surprised at how little you actually need to bring with you.

Camera Bag – My husband loves to take photos, so we don’t travel without the camera. Camera bags are a great place to pack everything you need for a day at the parks. They can hold everything from autograph books to small snacks and more! Among some of the necessities for a day in the parks are ziplock bags to keep your electronics dry on water rides and extra batteries/memory cards. If you sunburn easily, you may also want to pack  a small bottle of sunscreen in your camera bag.

Water – It can get quite warm in the Disney parks, especially if your travel during the summer. Staying hydrated is very important; however, I do not take bottle of water into the parks. You can get a free cup of ice water at any quick service or refreshment stand. With free water so readily available, there’s no need to carry around a bottle of water with you all day. I do highly recommend bringing a mister fan into the parks with you. These are a lifesaver on those hot Florida days! Just put some ice water in it in the morning and you’re good to go.

How do you keep from bringing too much on your Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Can You Pack Too Much for your Disney Vacation?

  1. We take a camelbak style hydration pack into the parks with us. It holds 2 litres of water and is a small backpack with little pockets inside.

  2. Another great idea for those who like to have the extra ‘just in case’ clothing or personal necessities is to grab some vacuum bags for your suitcases. Then in the dreaded packing to go home process, you can borrow a vacuum from housekeeping to condense and make room for those valued souvenirs!

  3. I know what you mean! We went to WDW in December a few years ago and I packed shorts, jeans, and jackets. I actually ended up using all of them. Mailing a box is a great idea!

  4. We almost always take more then we need. Going in Nov and Dec you never know if it is going to be hot or warm. On top of that we drive so we can take more—-we have a long journey from pa so we always have winter coats, gloves, and blankets in the car. You just never know what you might come home too. If you are flying I would suggest mailing a box to your hotel of extra and then mailing back home it will be cheeper than baggage cost

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