Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Spotted at California Adventure

Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Spotted at California Adventure

Guests visiting California Adventure Park have a new beverage to quench your thirst. New to the park is Orange Vanilla Coca Cola.

The new citrus soda reminds me of the orange smooth and delicious Creamsicles.

Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Spotted at California Adventure

Be on the lookout for carts carrying the new flavored soda. Regular Coca Cola and Diet Coke are available too. Priced at $4.50, grab yours soon if it’s something you’d like to enjoy.

Coca Cola recently is shifting directions with its soda flavors. Coke is hoping the new funky flavors will attract popularity with the Millennial and Generation Z groups. Two new recent Diet Coke flavors have also been released, Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Guava. Coke is excited about the most recent flavors saying they were hoping to remind you of summer days growing up.

Orange Vanilla Coca Cola Spotted at California Adventure

It’s unknown how long the new Orange Vanilla Coca Cola will be available in the park or if it will be available in Disneyland as well.

The Orange Vanilla soda has already been released to most stores around the country. If you’ve purchased it, what do you think? Would you compare it to the Creamsicle? I’m curious to hear if you think the orange and vanilla work well together. I do have to say, it does sound refreshing on a warm day either at home or in the parks.

If you’re a soda drinker, do you branch out and try new flavors? Or, are you the type to stick with the original classic flavors? Either way, the new Orange Vanilla Coca Cola adds a refreshing thirst-quenching option to your day in the park. Let me know if you’ve spotted the Orange Vanilla Coca Cola in the park yet.

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