Possible Opening Date for the New “Frozen” Attraction – Frozen Ever After


Hiya guys and gals it is I Anonymouse your Gossip Queen! Let me get straight to the point, because I know this is a controversial topic for some of you. We may or may not have an opening date for the new “Frozen” attraction coming to Epcot Frozen Ever After. I say may or may not because we all know that nothing is official until the head mouse over at Disney announces it.

My sources tell me that the unofficial opening date will be May 1, 2016. So we have a little less than a year to enjoy all things Frozen! I know I can’t wait! <sarcasm> I am sure Disney is planning the new ride to open right before the summer rush, the marketing geniuses that they are!

Be sure to check out the latest sneak peak of Frozen Ever After here!

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4 thoughts on “Possible Opening Date for the New “Frozen” Attraction – Frozen Ever After

  1. Donna, I agree. Frozen should not be part of World Showcase. I have no problem waiting eons for Disney to unveil another new attraction. I’ll get back to WDW well before it opens. Miss you, Maelstrom!

  2. Hey, if the crowds going to this ride make the lines shorter for Soarin and Test Track, I have no objections.

  3. I’m sad to see Maelstrom go, but I enjoyed Frozen and am looking forward to seeing the changes they have made.

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