Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise kits are worth melting for

Olaf Hot Chocolate

Some things are worth melting for, like this Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise Kit!

It features an Olaf made from The Ganachery’s custom blend and five vanilla marshmallows. Sounds delicious for sure!

The kit is made for two people so is perfect to share with your favorite person and watch Olaf’s Frozen Adventure or your favorite Christmas movie.

Olaf Hot Cocoa

The chocolate Olaf mold contains the  confectionary’s signature mix of hot cocoa that has milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel in it. To turn the treat into hot chocolate, you need to melt it in warm milk in a large pot over the stove and whisk until you get a creamy chocolate drink.

Each Olaf hot cocoa bomb makes two servings (depending on your mug size) and comes in a pretty gold package with snowflake-shaped, vanilla bean-flavored marshmallows.

You can find this festive kit at The Ganachery in Disney Springs. It’s perfect to share with someone while watching Frozen on Disney+!

Credit: Disney Springs

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Kevin Koszola