No More Toontown – What does that mean?

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So now that Mickey’s Toontown Fair has been closed for a while, and the Fantasyland Expansion marches on, what does that mean?  Last October I wrote a series on My Dreams of Disney about the “Lands of the Magic Kingdom.”  In it, I included Mickey’s Toontown Fair as part of the lands because it hadn’t been closed yet.  In that post, I wrote about the things that you could experience in the land.  So now, with Toontown Fair gone the way of the Dodo bird, what happens?

Well, first of all, although Toontown Fair is gone, there are some things that are going to make a reappearance under the umbrella of the Fantasyland Expansion.  For starters, even though the Judges tent is gone from Toontown Fair, part of the expansion (and, in fact, the first part of the expansion to open up next year) is the Storybook Circus!  This area of Fantasyland will be home to the double Dumbo rides, and is in the same general area that Toontown Fair was in.

Another thing that is currently gone is The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm.  This was our daughter Sophie’s first roller coaster, and from the moment she first tried it, a roller coaster junkie was born!  I remember the line being so short for The Barnstormer that first year that we rode the roller coaster something like five times in a row.  Even though The Barnstormer is gone, it is being re-opened and re-themed; instead of the old name, it will now be known as the Great Goofini coaster.  Lastly, while Pete‘s Garage (and it’s bathrooms) is gone, Pete is not forgotten because Pete’s Silly Slideshow will be opening up later on in the expansion.  I haven’t heard much about Pete’s Silly Slideshow; some sites have indicated it will be a show, and some have indicated it will be a meet and greet. About the only thing I know about it is that it appears that it will be in one of the tents left over from Toontown Fair.  It will be interesting to see what happens with it.  Have any of you heard anything about it?

So, while Mickey’s Toontown Fair is no longer, it’s not exactly accurate to say that all is forgotten about it.  In true Disney fashion, there are things that remain when something is reworked, and in the Fantasyland expansion, that is also the case.  So tell me, do you miss Mickey’s Toontown Fair, or is there something else from the Toontown Fair that you want to see on display somewhere?


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5 thoughts on “No More Toontown – What does that mean?

  1. I’ll never give up hope, Leslie, it’s one thing that definitely is never on short supply at Walt Disney World! Something tells me that we’ll see Mickey’s Country Home and Minnie’s Country Home again in the future.

    Thanks for commenting!

  2. We (our children) enjoyed the water play area / donalds boat… Perfect for cooling off after a long hot day of walking!

  3. I know they werent much but the character house in toontown were cool to walk thur with young kids… I am sad my youngest wont get experience that…

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