New York City Man Sues Universal Over “Unlimited Drink” Offer

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New York City Man Sues Universal Over "Unlimited Drink" Offer

New York City Man Sues Universal Over “Unlimited Drink” Offer. The New York Post shared this story after an outraged guest decided to sue NBC Universal over misleading advertisement in their theme parks.

According to NYP, “Luis Arnaud is bubbling with anger over the “false advertising” — saying he learned while trying to “quench his thirst” that the refills were in fact “limited” to a measly “total of only six per hour,” according to the class-action lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court Thursday.”

Arnaud states in the claim that he visited Universal’s Island of Adventure in Orlando, Fla. at Universal Orlando Resort, on July 30 and bought the 16-ounce “Coca-Cola Freestyle” cup for $16.99. The Freestyle cups purportedly come with “unlimited” refills all day, but in reality, the cups have a 10-minute time limit before refills can be distributed.

Said time limit is monitored with a chip located inside the bottom of the mug. When the cup is placed under the soda spout the base reads the chip and distributes refills after the allotted time frame, or rejects the refill if the cup is not active or has been refilled less than 10 minutes prior. NYP shared, “[Luis] Arnaud learned they were also tracking how often users top up, and are “programmed” to limit refills to every 10 minutes. When he tried to “quench his thirst and refill his cup again” before that period was up, the machine flashed a message rejecting his request, the suit says. Hi. You are not quite ready to fill up,” it proclaimed — along with the number of minutes he had to wait — according to photos of the failed attempt in his suit.”

New York City Man Sues Universal Over "Unlimited Drink" Offer
Photo Credit: Universal

According to the suit, ads for the “freestyle” deal at Universal Orlando Resort, promotes “unlimited” refills with “100+ drink choices”, but does not directly mention the refill limits.

“The move is a “deceptive” and “unconscionable trade and business practice,” the suit charges. He [Arnaud] would not have been willing to pay the sum he paid had he known that the Products did not provide unlimited refills and were mislabeled and falsely advertised,” the suit reads.”

“Defendant delivered Products with significantly less value than was affirmed by their representations, thereby depriving him of the benefit of his bargain and injuring him in an amount up to the purchase price.”

The suit states that Luis Arnaud is seeking unspecified damages. NBC Universal has not responded to requests for comments on the suit.

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Featured Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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10 thoughts on “New York City Man Sues Universal Over “Unlimited Drink” Offer

  1. There is so much sugar in there that the only reasonable law suit would be to sue them for trying to kill people!! 96 oz of soda in an hour is equivalent to 52 oz of sugar per 16 oz soda! 312 grams of sugar in one hour!! If he stayed and “quenched his thirst” the mere 6 times in 8 hours he is consuming 2,496 grams of sugar!!! Universal is saving lives HAHA but Seriously this guy needs to be band from the parks!! We are season pass holders and this guy is NOT welcome!! He is the guy that ruins it for all of us! Another pissed of Dad that should have stayed home. Ok rant over!

  2. He’s definitely sharing this with his family, as previously said, surely no one can drink 6 pints of fluid in an hour, think of the health issues this could cause. If he’s also giving his children this much soda then shame on him. He’s got too much money and time on his hands to sue Universal.

  3. If I am hot and thirsty, I can go through 32 ounces in a minute. It is disappointing to only get half of what you want to drink.

  4. This is what happens when you don’t read the fine print. They should countersue him and make an example out of him, so others think twice before doing this.

  5. It is stop people from buying one cup for 5 people to share. We used the promotion last year and if we ever got denied by the automatic machine we just gave it to a worker there any they filled it for us.

  6. Its unlimited for 1 person use. No one needs more then 16 oz in a 10min time frame. Sounds like he was sharing. This is another butt hurt idiot looking for easy money.

  7. Who needs to fill a 16oz cup more than 6 times a hour. If this is a serious concern I think he has other things to worried about. Like diabetes.

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