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  1. 10


    There is so much sugar in there that the only reasonable law suit would be to sue them for trying to kill people!! 96 oz of soda in an hour is equivalent to 52 oz of sugar per 16 oz soda! 312 grams of sugar in one hour!! If he stayed and “quenched his thirst” the mere 6 times in 8 hours he is consuming 2,496 grams of sugar!!! Universal is saving lives HAHA but Seriously this guy needs to be band from the parks!! We are season pass holders and this guy is NOT welcome!! He is the guy that ruins it for all of us! Another pissed of Dad that should have stayed home. Ok rant over!

  2. 9


    He’s definitely sharing this with his family, as previously said, surely no one can drink 6 pints of fluid in an hour, think of the health issues this could cause. If he’s also giving his children this much soda then shame on him. He’s got too much money and time on his hands to sue Universal.

  3. 8

    Stuart Nuss

    If I am hot and thirsty, I can go through 32 ounces in a minute. It is disappointing to only get half of what you want to drink.

  4. 7

    John Haddock

    This is what happens when you don’t read the fine print. They should countersue him and make an example out of him, so others think twice before doing this.

  5. 6

    Univers Al

    I would like to take a baseball bat to every idiot that files a law suit like this one.

  6. 5


    It is stop people from buying one cup for 5 people to share. We used the promotion last year and if we ever got denied by the automatic machine we just gave it to a worker there any they filled it for us.

  7. 4


    Die mad about it

  8. 3


    Wish I had time for such insignificant issues to worry about. Idiot!

  9. 2


    Its unlimited for 1 person use. No one needs more then 16 oz in a 10min time frame. Sounds like he was sharing. This is another butt hurt idiot looking for easy money.

  10. 1


    Who needs to fill a 16oz cup more than 6 times a hour. If this is a serious concern I think he has other things to worried about. Like diabetes.

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