New World Showcase Nations Plush Arrive at Epcot

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Get ready World Showcase fans! There are some adorable new Fab Five plushies that just made their debut. The World Showcase Nations Plush include designs from Norway, Canada, Mexico, The UK, Italy, France, and Germany. These Nations characters can be found in their respective countries and in Mouse Gear at Epcot. Let’s take a closer look at these cute new souvenirs.

Queen Minnie and Beefeater Mickey – $29.99

World Showcase Nations Plush

Mickey and Minnie are getting their royalty on with the plush toys found at the UK Pavilion. You’ll find Minnie dressed quote regally in a white dress, complete with a cape and crown. Mickey is also ready to stand by the queen as a loyal Beefeater, but with a cheerful smile.

Fräulein Minnie Mouse – $29.99

Over in Germany you can find Minnie ready for Oktoberfest! She is wearing a flower crown, and a beautiful dress with delicate flowers. Her costume is similar to what Cast Members wear at the German Pavilion in Epcot, but in brighter colors.

Pizza Chef Mickey Mouse – $29.99

Itsa Mickey Mouse, and he’s whipping up a delicious pepperoni pizza! This pizza has a fun surprise though, there is a hidden Mickey created from pepperonis on it!

Parisian Mickey Mouse – $29.99

Mickey is ready for a stroll along the scenic Seine River by the Eiffel Tower. He is even wearing an adorable little blue beret! His outfit is similar to what many of the cast members at the France Pavilion in Epcot wear as well.

Maiden Minnie Plush- $29.99

The Norway Minnie. Minnie is dressed in the same outfit the cast members wear in the World Showcase. Her bow even has a fun matching print. Like all of the new plush series she has Norway embroidered on her foot.

Minnie was located in the room with most of the Frozen merchandise. When we found her she was at a table with some other Mickey themed Norway merchandise.

Lumberjack Mickey Plush- $29.99

Next is the super adorable Canada Mickey. He’s also in the traditional outfit that the cast members of the Canada Pavilion wear. I love his little maple leaf beanie. To complete this outfit Mickey even has an axe in hand.

The knit hat is such a perfect touch. This one may be my favorite of the three. I also have a soft spot for the main mouse though so finding plush in different outfits is always fun.

Mexico Donald Plush- $29.99

In Mexico you’ll find Donald in his Three Caballeros outfit. If you’ve been to Epcot you may remember that Donald actually wears this same outfit in a meet and greet outside of the pavilion. He looks so festive with his sombrero and poncho.

Donald was a little bit harder to find. He’s in a basket on the floor next to a bunch of Coco themed merchandise.

A cast member said we can probably expect a plush for each of the countries in the World Showcase to be released. Hopefully that’s true because I think these are really fun souvenirs to collect. They are each $29.99 before tax and discounts.

Susan Wilson
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