New Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears Sparkle With A Classic Look

I adore the classic Minnie Mouse look with her little flower cap. So I am very excited that the Disney Parks have released a new pair of Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears! These cute ears features Minnie’s flower hat just like her classic days, as well as the newer Mickey cartoons.

Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears

The newer Mickey cartoons also have Minnie back in her classic flowered cap, which is probably what inspired this pair. You’ll also see this style of Minnie for the new Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad attraction. These ears even have the flower exactly like the new cartoon’s style. A red sequined fold up cap sits between a classic pair of sparkly black ears, complete with the yellow flower.

I love when we see updates to classic styles, so this pair is definitely a must for my collection. They retail for the same price as the majority of Minnie ears now at $29.99. You can pair these with a classic inspired Minnie Mouse DisneyBound, or any of the fun new retro items that have been popping up at the Disney Parks lately. We found this pair at the ear cart near the exit when you are leaving Magic Kingdom, but they are slowly appearing around the other parks too.

Will you be adding the new Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears to your collection?

Special thanks to Susan for the beautiful photos.

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