New Toy Story Slippers With A Fun And Playful Twist

I absolutely love slippers, in fact my whole family does. Having cute characters, and stylish designs is always a must too. So when I stumbled upon these new Toy Story Slippers from Happy Feet, that have a playful twist, I was immediately in love.

“Zlipperz” are like slippers, but with a twist. Zlipperz, are a zip on, zip off interchangeable slipper. Four tops and two bottoms come with each set, and gives you up to 3 potential design combos by mixing and matching the 4 tops. They are also for kids AND adults, so us big kids can have slipper fun too. They are also from Happy Feet Slippers, and have the same soft pillowy feel!

My son is obsessed with Forky, so we instantly fell in love with this mix and match pair. One set of tops features Bonnie’s new favorite toy Forky, while the other set has a fun geometric print featuring all of the Toys.

Bo Peep even gets her own pair of Zlipperz! This set has a sassy pink and black color scheme, and offers a Bo Peep print, and a print featuring several Toy Story favorites.

Other characters available as Zlippers are the Green Aliens, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Duke Caboom, Rex, and Ducky & Bunny!

Happy Feet also has a figural collection of Toy Story inspired slippers! The collection offers lots of character choices, including Ducky & Bunny who come as a pair together. Ducky & Bunny are available for pre-order for August 29th, but Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, and the Aliens are available now! These also come in kids and adult sizes! The 3-in-1 Zlippers retail for $28.00, and the figural Happy Feet slippers retail for $35.00.

Which Toy Story Slippers style would you choose the playful Zlipperz 3-in-1s or the Plush Character slippers? You can find the entire collection of Toy Story Happy Feet slippers at!


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