New Sven-Inspired Frappuccino on Starbucks Secret Menu

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Sven Frappuccino

Reindeers are better than people, and now there’s a drink to seal the deal! The recent trend of creating Starbucks drinks based off of beloved Disney characters has picked up a new favorite: “Frozen”’s one and only Sven. The drink was recently created by Redhead Baby Mama, otherwise known as Atlanta-based blogger Lindsey Paris, and according to the creator herself, the drink is supposed to mimic a Turtle or Moose Tracks type flavor. Maybe, in this case, we should call them Reindeer Tracks?

Although this drink isn’t on the official menu, we have the details so that you too can create this marvelous beverage. It actually has a big advantage on other Starbucks Secret Menu items in that it’s easy to order. Start with a Caramel Brûlée Frappuccino, any size, and have the barista add Java Chips. Whipped cream and Caramel Bits come standard on this particular Frappuccino, so you don’t need to request them, but you will want to make sure you ask for a light Mocha Drizzle on top for an added kick of chocolate.

Not being a big fan of anything turtle, I was pleasantly surprised by how subtly the caramel flavor came through in this drink. Chocolate really dominates and my overall impression leaned heavier towards the Moose Tracks interpretation of the Frappuccino. Be aware though: this is a sweet drink!

A tall version of the beverage comes out to $6.98 post-tax and can be ordered at your local Starbucks, as long as you know the ingredients! And if you’re like me, you’ll make it even easier on yourself by skipping the line and ordering straight from the mobile app so as to be sure and get exactly what you order. Because trust me, you’ll want to taste this one exactly how I described it! I know it sounds crazy, but somehow I know Sven would approve.

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Allison Luna