New Skyliner Dooney And Bourke Collection Soaring In Soon

A new Skyliner Dooney and Bourke Collection will be soaring in soon! The high flying new assortment is set to hit shelves Monday, February 22! There will be two new silhouettes flying in, to compliment the crossbody that came out last year!

The two new silhouettes will be a satchel, and large tote. Unlike the crossbody these will have an all over scenery design. Where as the crossbody was an all over design of a single gondola!

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Skyliner Dooney

The scene set for these fabulous new bags features the horizon of Hollywood Studios and Epcot in the distance. Colorful gondolas featuring the character art we know and love from them soar across the background. The sample tote and satchel on display both have different gondolas features as well!

You can look forward to the debut of the new Skyliner Dooney And Bourke bags this Monday, February 22nd!

Which color or character Skyliner gondola is your favorite one to ride on?

Will you be adding these to your collection?

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