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  1. 13

    Grace Rhian

    The fact that people STILL think that these shootings and attempts at shooting are isolated incidents shows how ignorant the general public is about this kind of violence.
    How many times will it have to happen before y’all get it?

  2. 12

    Patrick Henry,The2nd

    Its just security theater. Making it look like they are doing something. Somebody wants to get a gun into the park they can.

    If they wanted to improve security, they would encourage concealed carry at the parks. Remember, CCW license holders commit crimes at a lesser rate that cops.

  3. 11

    Luci Heath

    Did see an unrelated post elsewhere about people who have allergies (soap products, food issues) and have to be careful about the soaps they use. Don’t know if this would entail bubble solution too.

  4. 10


    The metal detectors I understand. However, no costumes at MNSSHP is absurd. Our family will forgo the festivities. That was part of the fun!!!!

  5. 9


    Definitely some concern about the very real chance of profiling when they are ‘randomly’ selecting people to go through a metal detector…

  6. 8

    Tom Zoretic

    It is a shame this has to happen but it the world we live in. I always feel safe in the parks but know that the felling of being safe is what the people who wish to do us harm, take advantage of.

  7. 7

    Shawn Boyett

    This is a dumb policy and by extension you are dumb for implementing it.

    PS: The person who tried to sneak in the gun is a scumbag. Do not offer him the luxury of being called a “Gentleman” like in your article.

  8. 6


    Will the costume ban include Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party?

  9. 5

    Rick Don

    Does this include Disneybounding? I wonder if they will start looking at some Disneybounds and stating that they are too costume-like so they won’t be allowed then?

  10. 4

    Raquel A.

    It’s a shame about the costumes though because I’ve seen so many great costumes at MNSSHP every year. I am surprised that stricter security measures for entering the parks hadn’t been in place prior to this. It’s just really sad that this is the world we live in these days, but I appreciate that added security to help keep us safe.

  11. 3

    Dale Nadeau

    I think it’s horrible that security measures are taken across the board because of 1 isolated incident. What kind of security threat do bubble guns, that are sold WITHIN the park pose? None. This is a stupid policy being implemented by people overly sensitive.

  12. 2


    Where I hate that this happens I just wonder are they going to still allow costumes during MNSSHP for all or if they are going to keep the regs on that as well.

  13. 1


    I think it is a necessity in this day and age, it is a shame we have to do things like this but better safe than sorry xxxx

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