New running store opening in Disney Springs


Avid runners rejoice! A popular running store, Fit2Run, is making a triumphant return to Disney Springs.

For those who remember, Fit2Run once had a location near the Orange Garage on the West Side. The former location is the site of the upcoming M&M’s Store, which we are also quite excited about!

Disney Springs made the official announcement of Fit2Run returning to a new store location in the Town Center. It will replace the former storefront of Lucky Brand in the Town Center.

Fit2Run is a great retailer for those into running and seeking workout apparel or accessories. The new location is more fitting since it will be near similar apparel shops.

We don’t have the opening date information available yet, but we will post updates when news becomes available.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy the season by visiting Disney Springs for holiday shopping and dining. But you better keep an eye out! You don’t know if you might be lucky enough to catch Santa passing by on a boat in the lake at Disney Springs!

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Kevin Koszola