New Pua And Sven Big Feet Plush Toys Arrive At Walt Disney World

Some cute new friends have joined the Big Feet plush family at Walt Disney World! You can now find Pua And Sven Big Feet Plush toys throughout the Walt Disney World Resort! These little guys are mascots from two of the biggest Disney animated films in recent years, so it’s great to see them as cuddle little plush with extra adorable large feet!

Pua And Sven Big Feet Plush

If you don’t know what Big Feet plush toys are yet, they are a line of soft toys with embroidered features and also very oversized feet! Hence the name, ha! Sven looks adorable with daint little antlers and even has purple reigns! He’s definitely the cutest reindeer around this season!

Pua is also a cute new addition to the Big Feet family! Pua is a very popular Disney plush I have found too! He is usually one of the first ones to sell out in my Disney Store, for all of the different sizes. The Big Feet Plush collection reminds me of Chibi versions of beloved Disney characters. They are also incredibly snuggly too!

What do you think of the cute new Pua And Sven Big Feet Plush toys to arrive at Walt Disney World?

Special thank you to our writer and photographer Susan for the adorable pics of these lovable new pals.

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