New Minnie Mouse Icon Dress Brings Out Sassy Summer Style

We’ve spotted a sassy new dress from the Disney Dress Shop! The fabulous off shoulder Minnie Mouse Icon Dress is an absolute dream. This dress captures Minnie’s iconic style, with a stylishly dapper twist. As the original Disney style diva, it’s only fitting that she gets a new dress dedicated to her now and then.

This dress has a swooping off the shoulder style, with a folded over collar which has a very flattering look. Dainty necklaces also compliment this neckline beautifully too. The collar matches the skirt with white on red micro polka-dots. The dress’s sleek black bodice is belted at the skirt, for a nice slimming effect. The bottom of the skirt is striped in red and white.

A small extra detail has been added to this gorgeous new dress. On the back of the dress is a small embroidery of Minnie Mouse’s iconic bow! The Minnie Mouse dress retails for $128 and comes in sizes XS to 3XL. This dress is available at Disney Dress Shop locations, as well as upscale retail locations throughout the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. It is currently not available on shopDisney.

What do you think of the sassy new Minnie Mouse Icon Dress from the Disney Dress Shop?

Special thanks to Rose for the beautiful pics!

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