New Holiday Drinks at Starbucks in Disney Springs

Starbucks holiday

When at Disney Springs, shopping isn’t complete without a special beverage. This is never more true than when the Christmas decorations are up and the holiday drinks come out. Bring on the new Starbucks creations! We happened to notice a few on the board and decided to try one out as soon as possible.

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We love our coffee, so we opted for the caffeine-heavy option on the specials menu: Elf Fuel. It’s a nitro cold brew with peppermint and mocha flavoring, matcha cold foam, topped with holiday sprinkles. It’s a fun departure from a classic peppermint mocha, the star of the beverage being the sweet foam on top. The barista informed us that with enough matcha powder the foam on top can appear green and give the drink the impression of being a Christmas tree. Ours was not so vivid, but still delicious! It cost $9 after tax for a grande. The coffee flavor is strong in this drink, so only serious addicts should drink it! That being said, there were a good number of other options for other palates.

The Sleighin’ Snowman seemed like a great fit for those who want a bit of sugar in their drink. Peppermint syrup in a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, with holiday sprinkles and a snowman cookie on top, this one only comes in a venti size. The Melted Snowman also starts with a Vanilla Frapp, but has a cake pop blended in and is topped with mocha and caramel drizzle. Lastly, the most versatile of all the options, the Snowball can be made into any type of beverage you prefer. It is a white mocha with hazelnut, toffee nut, plus a caramel drizzle. Warm, iced, or blended, it sounds delicious!

Hurry over to Disney Springs’ Starbucks to put in your order for a delicious holiday drink. The season calls for something special and we’re sure that will do the trick!

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