New Harry Potter Books Coming Soon From Insight Editions

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Insight Editions has teamed up with Warner Bros. Studios to give fans some amazing new books that dig deep into the films. The books will explore Diagon Alley, showcase Wizarding World food, have new posters, new journals, and there’s even a new coloring book. All of these new books will release soon at Insight Editions, Amazon, and other book retailers. Let’s take a looks at all the new Harry Potter books coming.

A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond

It’s only fair to start with this book since Harry Potter began his wizarding journey in Diagon Alley. This beautiful book will release in October of 2020 and features a full pop-up of Diagon Alley. It’s incredibly detailed and alongside each pop-up some fun facts and insights from the making of the films. “Pull tabs allow fans to command the action—rescue a Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon from the depths of Gringotts, or help Harry navigate out of Knockturn Alley after a Floo Powder mishap.” This intricate book will be $75.00 and an amazing addition to a fans collection.

Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts

This holiday-themed book will take fans on a tour of Christmas in the films. From Weasley sweaters to the Yule Ball dive right into the holiday spirit. This will definitely be one that I add to my personal collection. “With detailed profiles on everything from Harry’s Invisibility Cloak—received as a gift during his first Hogwarts Christmas—to Hogsmeade, these pages includes concept illustrations, behind-the-scenes photographs, and fascinating reflections from actors and filmmakers. This collectible volume also comes filled with removable artifacts, such as posters, stickers, and other extraordinary items.” This book will release in October and will be $19.99.

Harry Potter: Travel Magic

Harry Potter: Travel Magic is all about the journey from Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express. There will be over a dozen artifacts including a Hogwarts Express ticket and a Hogwarts Map. Learn all about Platform 9 3/4 and get a look behind the scenes from the films. This fun collectible will be $24.99 and will be available the middle of October.

Hogwarts House Edition Journals

All of the four Hogwarts houses will have a brand new journal. They feature the main house characteristic on the front. “Harry Potter fans a space for self-reflection, evaluation, and empowerment inspired by the movies they love.” Each of the house journals are $19.99 and also available in October.

Harry Potter: The Broom Collection

The Harry Potter Broom Collection (also releasing mid-October) is $29.99 and is a breakdown of the characters in the films and their brooms. It’s goes into detail about each broom they used and shows pictures.

Harry Potter Coloring Wizardry

Harry Potter Coloring Wizardry is the latest coloring book to be released. These coloring books feature detailed scenes from the films. There are over 90 pages and this book is $12.99.

Harry Potter: The Dark Arts Tiny Book

Harry Potter: The Dark Arts Tiny Book dives deep into the dark side of the series. From creatures like the Basilisk to the Dark Lord himself, get onset photos and learn about jinxes. This pocket-sized book is $9.99.

There are so many amazing new Harry Potter books coming out soon just in time to start holiday shopping. I know there are definitely a couple here on my list already. For more information on all of these books check out Insight Editions here and also check out the new gift boxes and post card tins available.

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Susan Wilson