New Frozen 2 Costumes Coming To Epcot!

Ready for a really COOL surprise?

With the release of Frozen 2 just around the corner, Epcot is getting ready with some new experiences starting on November 22.

As we know our favorite sister duo got a little makeover changing those puffy dresses for outfits more suitable to travel through woods and water during their newest adventure!

Want to see the new looks in person? Then head over to Royal Sommerhus in the Norway pavilion at Epcot to visit Anna and Elsa because they will be debuting their new attire from Frozen 2 this Friday.

Anna’s costume features a travel dress with a classic fairy tale silhouette, a black bell shaped skirt and brown pants with little details like decorative embroidery and tiny official symbols of Arendelle on the bottoms as well as miniature stalks of wheat along the hem.

Keeping the signature colors of Anna in mind, her cloak is now a rich purple wool travel cloak clasped at the collar with a gold chain of interlocking wheat.

As for Elsa’s travel dress, she is wearing a pale blue dress with snowflakes and layers of sequins so it creates a gradient up her body and a flowing cape split in two in the back, and of course pants underneath too! She now also wears boots! Ice boots with shimmering snowflake patterns from top to toe.

They sound great right? Well now kids will have the opportunity to get the brand new costumes and look just like Anna and Elsa at The Fjording Shop in Epcot!

Credit: Disney

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