New Disney Reusable Utensils And More!

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Disney Reusable Utensils

Last month Disney announced they would be releasing new reusable utensils that could be purchased and used at the parks! This is part of Disney’s ongoing commitment to being more eco-friendly. The new play and repeat collection has finally shown up, and it’s so cute! It has a very neutral color scheme, and there’s plenty of little Mickey icons hidden throughout. I’m a little obsessed with the new Mickey reduce, reuse, recycle icon they came up with too.

Disney Reusable Utensils

First up is the main event, the Disney Reusable Utensils set. It has a fork, knife, spoon, and also a straw! It comes complete with a wrap holder made from sustainable materials, and a cleaning brush! The new Mickey recycle icon is sprinkled about the utensils in orange, teal, and sage too.

There are also several reusable straw options! You can get a cute little plastic pod for easy on-the-go carrying. Or even a full set with a wrap holder and straw. The set is really handy if you’re traveling as a group, and the pod is perfect for on-the-go by yourself.

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Disney Reusable Utensils

These are all part of a full assortment of reusable items from this cute new play and repeat collection. You can choose from all kinds of reusable bottles and cups, as well as lunch boxes, sandwich containers, and even towels. I love that there are so many cute options now. I personally bring utensils and straws with me already, so it’ll be nice to have Disney-themed ones. It will also be handy if I lose some or need to replace some.

The dish towels are great for cleaning up unexpected spills while at the parks. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve spilled a drink and had to scramble for paper towels at a quick-serve. I would love to say it was the kids, but it’s usually me who sends a drink flying in a spectacular fashion. Plus, just look at what a handy carrying case it has!

You can find the new assortment of Disney Reusable Utensils and more now throughout the Walt Disney World Resort!

Special thanks to our local correspondents Wright Touch of Magic for the great photos.