New Disney Princess Pins Arrive At Disney World

Princess pins

Disney just launched a series of Princess pins fit for royalty!

This time the collection is focus on their crowns, the iconic accessory of every princess. You will find pins inspired by Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora and Jasmine.

They are $12.99 each and we can found them at the Camera Center in Epcot! But will probably find it around retail locations at Walt Disney World as well.


Cinderella pin

Cinderella’s pin is a silver crown with blue stones just like her classic crown.


Aurora pin

Aurora’s pin is a replica of her iconic tiara featuring gold and pink jewels.


Ariel pin

For her crown, a silver base was used, with some pears and a sea shell featuring purple and green tones.


Belle pin

Belle’s crown is a yellow gold base with her iconic red rose in the center, some yellow tones and red accents.


Jasmine pin

Her crown is gold with a big turquoise stone in the middle and little ones aroudn it.


Tiana pin

Tiana’s crown is also gold with green accents and pearls on the top.


Rapunzel pin

Rapunzel’s crown is an exact replica to the one you see in the movie! Gold with 3 big jewels and then little red stones at the bottom.

Which one is your favorite? We want them all!

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Ana Leal