New Disney Popcorn Flavors Add Variety Interest to Your Popcorn Experience


There is nothing in the world like Disney Popcorn.  There are some new and interesting flavors, such as Truffle, Churro, and Sriracha Kettle Corn on the shelves at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Have you had the opportunity to taste some of these new popcorn flavors?

Truffle flavored popcorn is an interesting flavor combination.  If you enjoy truffle flavored anything, then you must try this popcorn. One of the most popular Disney Snack items is the Churro.  This popcorn offers just a hint of Churro and if you are a fan of the Churro then this popcorn is for you.  If you like a spicy-sweet combination of flavors then the Sriracha Kettle Corn is an excellent choice.  The spicy flavor of the Sriracha, added to the sweetness of the Kettle Corn offers a sweet and spicy kick without being too overbearing.

Some of the more popular flavors are also available.  The Confetti popcorn is a fun and fruity option that makes a perfect gift to bring home for family and friends.  Disney Cheddar flavored popcorn is salty and leaves your fingers orange; as all good cheddar popcorn should. Get your toothbrush ready for use after you eat the Caramel popcorn.  This sweet and chewy popcorn flavor is delicious, but it will stick to your teeth.

Disney Kettle Corn offers an excellent sweet and salty combination.  The flavors offset each other and is a favorite amongst many guests.  My personal favorite is the Zebra Stripe Popcorn.  Chocolate drizzle over caramel popcorn is a delectable combination.

If you can’t quite decide on a flavor option you may want to pick up a seasonal variety bucket of popcorn.  This bucket offers caramel, cheddar, and kettle corn in one large souvenir bucket.  Once the popcorn has been eaten, you can wash and use the bucket to store items or display as a decorative element.

Popcorn makes a fun gift to bring home for yourself, your family, and your friends.  Disney Popcorn can also add to your Disney themed movie night at home.  Just pick a favorite Disney movie, add the popcorn to some Disney-themed bowls, and enjoy a taste of Walt Disney World right in your own home.  Make your Disney Popcorn experience interesting by bringing home a variety of flavored popcorn to sample with family and friends during your Disney-themed evening.

Which popcorn flavor will you try on your next visit to Walt Disney World?  Please leave  your comments in the box below.

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