New Concept Art for “Incredibles 2”

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New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"

Pixar Animation Studios has amazing graphics and pictures for all of their movies. And of course, Incredibles 2 will be no different.

At the end of Incredibles, we know the family home was destroyed. So that just means the family gets a bigger and better home. About 20,000 square feet bigger to be exact! At the beginning of Incredibles 2, the Parr’s are living in a small motel room. Then they move into the new super home.

“It’s easy to find colors and textures, palettes that are specific to mid-century design, so we just picked up on those and used them throughout the film,” said Bryn Imagire, the film’s Art Director.

New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"
Concept art by Kyle Macnaughton, Philip Metschan and Shelly Min Wan. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

This home was actually the second home that the production design team built for the film. The initial home that was created was around 2,300 square feet. On to bigger and better!

“We had actually pitched the idea of a larger house earlier and the story necessitated that they live in a more comfortable home,” said Production Designer Ralph Eggleston.

“What happened was, at a certain point while Brad [Bird] was writing, he had to consolidate a number of sequences into one … then I pitched the idea of the larger house again and something clicked. We had just finished the other house, we were so ahead of the game. [But] it was worth it.”

Not only did they finding inspiration through the works of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and photographers like Ezra Stoller, the team visited Palm Springs, home to many mid-century modern buildings that appear to be frozen in time.

New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"
Concept art by Garrett Taylor and Philip Metschan. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

“A lot of the elements … were lifted from the first house that we built, and we had to very carefully rearrange it,” said Eggleston.

When it comes to the design of the house, Imagire told us:

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“We have to figure out, what are the iconic textures of this time period? There’s a lot of grass cloth, a lot of mixture of material … A lot of very sleek, very simple shapes. A lot of the fabrics are really nubbly and textured-y. It was cool to try to bring that into the film. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s a good way of bringing in a sense of style.”

“It was fun to think like an architect and have fun that way, without having to worry about code or safety,” laughed Eggleston. “We got to pretend we knew what we were doing. It had to look like it worked, it didn’t need to work.”

The City of Municiberg

For the city of Municiberg, the team focused more on what Eggleston refers to as the “mid-century mundane.”

“It’s not the coolest buildings, it’s the stuff in between the coolest buildings of mid-century.” He added, “It’s actually easy to find really cool-looking mid-century architecture. It’s harder to find stuff that’s less identifiable.”

New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"
Concept art by Tim Evatt. ©2018 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

“From a sets perspective, a city is a terrifying thing,” said Sets Supervisor Nathan Fariss. “It is an overwhelming thing to consider, because we have to build all that stuff.”

To build Municiberg this time around, the team dug up original artwork from the first film to build Municiberg for the second film, and “built the city working from the original film backwards,” said Eggleston. They even built an animated 3D model of the entire city of Municiberg to work with, including the little details such as parking meters, people, cars, and sides of buildings.

We can’t wait to see the Parr’s new home and the new city of Miniciberg!

Source: oh my disney


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New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"

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New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2" New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2" New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2" New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2" New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2" New Concept Art for "Incredibles 2"
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