New Cinderella Spatulas Star The Adorable Jaq And Gus

Even more, spatulas have shown up at the Disney Parks! This time there is a pair of Cinderella Spatulas starring the adorable mice, Jaq and Gus! These lovable mice have always helped Cinderella around the house, and now they can help us at home too! Help us mix up some sweet treats that is!

These cuties come sold as a pair together. They have vibrant colored handles, and the rubber spatula of each one is printed with one of their faces. The vibrant colors of the handles also coordinate with the shirt colors of each mouse. The smaller spatula features Jaq, and the larger one features Gus! Even their little hats are part of the design! You can find these cuties throughout Disney Springs, and the retail for $19.99 a pair!

What do you think of these charming new Cinderella Spatulas featuring Jaq and Gus?

Special thanks to Allison for the photos!

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