New Briar Rose Collection Coming to Disney Parks!

The debate whether it is pink or blue has finally been settled. It is… PINK! Disney is releasing an entire collection paying tribute to Briar Rose(Sleeping Beauty) and we are so excited. The new collection is a spin on the “rose gold” trend we saw last year with a softer pink with grey accents. Coming to Disney parks April 1st!

The new ears come with a cute puffy style sequin bow that is more proportionate to the ear size in comparison to the previous rose gold ears released last year. I have the older style and the spirit jersey from the collection, and the ears are much larger than the new ones coming out on April 1st to Disney parks. Disney Style released these photos on their Instagram and we love the look.

You can see the color a little better against the backdrop of the Bubble Gum wall. The ears themselves are  a softer pink sequin instead of the all over rose look of the previous ears released last year.

In addition to the new ears are several other designs to coordinate with your ears! This new Mickey baby pink sweatshirt style shirt is a simple dusty grey Mickey Mouse with metallic rose gold features on his pants and shoes. The arm of the shirt features the “spirit jersey” style writing down the sleeve with the “Walt Disney World” design and logo. If I had to guess, I would say there will be a Disneyland style released as well down the road.

For those who want to take a little Disney with them on their daily commute, there is a new Rose gold sparkle Tervis with Sleeping Beauty’s white castle and writing “I live in Fantasyland”  in the classic Disneyland font.

A new dark grey t-shirt option with a metallic rose gold Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the same logo/design in light grey print just like we see on the pink sweatshirt.

Saving the best for last, there is a new dusty grey spirit jersey with sequin rose gold accents coming to Disney parks as well!  Those of you who prefer darker colors are going to love this new jersey!

You can put your entire look together with the new phone case matching your ears and jersey! Get yourself “selfie-ready” because this new collection is going to be a favorite an the new “in trend” at Disney parks this spring.

Source: Disney Parks Blog and Disney Style

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