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    Renee Resnick

    I’m so scared of boats. I know this is a humungous ship & you probably don’t even know you’re moving, but after watching Titanic as a kid I can’t shake it!! These new dates are also right in the middle of hurricane season! LOL no thank you! As much as I’d LOVE to experience another side of Disney other than the parks, I could never go on a cruise. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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    Baillie Nitz

    I really want to go on a Disney Cruise, but I would love to focus on the adult side! I’ve been to Nassau and I loved it there! #DisneyVacayGiveaway

  3. 1

    Michele Bulger

    I went on my first Disney cruise, on the Disney Fantasy, this past January and absolutely loved it. I’m hoping it was the first of many. #DisneyVacayGiveaway

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