New 2020 Minnie Mouse Ears Are Sparkling For The New Year

It is almost a new year, which means new 2020 dated merchandise, and we’ve already spotted new ears! The new 2020 Minnie Mouse Ears showed up this week, and they sparkling beauties! These ears also have so much sparkle, they are like their own little mini New Year’s Eve party!

These new ears are a gorgeous regal blue, with a mix of primary colors sprinkled in. A very colorful “2020” is embroidered onto the side of the headband, which has also become one of my favorite new details on ears. A large plush blue sequined bow sits in the center. The bow really pops against the confetti glitter on the ears.

The glitter on these ears are a coarse confetti style, in array of different colors. There are also larger multi-colored star shaped confettis, that really make these POP! They almost remind me of the filling in those little champagne popper bottles you get at New Years. You can check out our video here of all the sparkles and glitters!

We found the new 2020 ears headband at the African Outpost area Animal Kingdom, and we expect them to start showing up throughout the Disney parks soon. Just like the rest of the regular release Minnie ears, these retail for $29.99!

Will you be ringing in the new year with the new 2020 Minnie Mouse Ears?

Special thanks to our fabulous Melissa for the gorgeous photos!

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  1. These are beautiful! Do you know when the 2020 Graduation Minnie Ears will be available to purchase? I have a HS Senior this year 🤗

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