Myrtle Beach woman pushing for Disney to create bald princess for those battling cancer

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A lady from Myrtle Beach is calling for a Disney to create bald princess to support all those battling with cancer. A few months ago, Natalie Thomas from Myrtle Beach was living her best life, with her husband and two-year-old son, loving her job as a photographer. They were all looking forward to introducing a new baby into their family! However, when she went to the hospital in January, her life changed.

She was told she wasn’t in labour but instead, “it turns out my daughter had been putting pressure on my left kidney where I had a cancerous tumour and she had caused it to haemorrhage and bleed out, and that’s the pain I was feeling.” Whilst the baby girl was born healthy a few weeks later, Natalie Thomas was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her kidneys, known as primitive neuroectodermal tumours. Natalie said that her oncologist “has actually never even seen it himself in all his years of being a doctor.” Natalie said how hard it was on not only herself but also on their family. That she can’t even be alone with her kids, as she has episodes where she passes out due to her condition. Likewise, shes in a lot of physical pain and needs frequent hospital stays for blood transfusions.

Following her weekly sessions of chemotherapy, Natalie has found loosing her hair to be very difficult, understandably. She said that she’s had “very long hair… all of my life”. During one of her chemo sessions, she had an idea about children going through the same thing and as a talented photographer she wants to highlight the beauty of being bald. She would love to take photos of children all “dolled up”. She decided to do a mini photoshoot and was told that she looked like a Disney princess. So the thought came to her to campaign for Disney to create bald princess. That there are lots of kids who “don’t have somebody who looks like us to look up to” and it “would be an awesome thing if Disney were to do that,'” she said.

Whilst this is just the beginning of her movement Natalie hopes to gain a real impact, so that little girls have someone they can look up to, “even if its just a short story”. For now, Natalie only has three months of chemo left.

It’s a movement she’s just beginning and doesn’t honestly know how far it’ll go, but it’s one she believes could have a real impact. To learn more about Natalie’s mission, for Disney to create bald princess and how you can help her family during her fight with cancer, visit For more Disney inspired news, click here.

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  1. The bald Disney Princess could also encompass women with Alopecia, which can leave you bald and sometimes can be permanent. I know because I have a grandchild with Alopecia and it makes you less confident about yourself.

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