MyMagic+ is on it’s Way to Other Disney Parks


MyMagic+ is making its way to other Disney parks, slowly but surely. I know what you are thinking, finally! I know I agree.

Tom Staggs recently said that the system will undergo some changes as elements of it makes its way to Disneyland. Disneyland has a higher number of Passholders who are more likely to make last-minute decisions to visit the park for a day. So they may change how far in advance they can get their Fastpasses. They have learned a lot from the Disney World rollout, so hopefully the same bumps in the road we experienced here in Orlando, will not happen in Disneyland.

Everytime Disney makes major changes to its system there are always people who complain about, because change is hard. Judging by the past Disney’s changes always make everything better in the long run, with a few bumps in the road along the way, but that is to be expected. After all doesn’t everyone want to collect every color Magicband?

Overall the guests have loved the new MyMagic+ system. They are hoping for the same results as they roll out a similar system, with a few tweaks, at the other parks.  MyMagic+ at Disney World has increased Fastpass usage by 50%.

F.Y.I. Tom Staggs also said they are looking to add more features to the Disney World MyMagic+ system!

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “MyMagic+ is on it’s Way to Other Disney Parks

  1. ya I totally agree on the AP Photo thing as agree about asking for ID every time go to get discount somewhere if they gonna do away with Photo on the Card they take your photo at gate first time use card they should have made this photo available to every shop so when scan your card it appears with your photo on their computer. Cause like you would like to be able to leave my wallet at home…

    But I for one love that MagicBand have one for DisneyWorld (Premier Annual Passport Holder) I just hope that DisneyWorld Band will be able to be linked and used at DisneyLand two instead of having to have two magic bands 🙂

  2. You said “Judging by the past Disney’s changes always make everything better in the long run”, As a Disneyland AP holder I can tell you that not having my picture on the back of my AP has been a pain in the back side, Now I HAVE to also carry a photo ID when I’m in the parks if I plan to get my discount on food or merchandise. I dislike the Magic+ wrist bands as I don’t like having anything on my wrists or fingers, No watch or rings for me. the wrist band will have to go in my pocket and as they don’t fold up well I’ will have to cut mine up. Not an upgrade in my book, let me keep my card and put my photo back on it.

  3. It’d be nice to see some sort of hybrid at Disneyland. Use the magic bands and the app but keep the fastpass system designed the same way (ie – get one pass at a time, no daily limit) and just use Magic Bands instead of paper. Maybe set it up where you can make one pass 30 days in advance that doesn’t interfere with the others so you can book a favorite ride you know you’ll want to ride, but otherwise tour the park as normal.

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