My Fab Five Magic Kingdom Attractions

Most of us really love the Magic Kingdom, and for many reasons. It is really the most “Walt Disney” of all the parks, it has so many attractions that Walt actually had a hand in, and it is full of fun and fantasy. I know we all have favorite attractions so I’ll just give you mine in reverse order. You may be surprised!!

5. “it’s a small world” – I know, I almost don’t believe it myself but there is something about the little figures, the cheeriness of the whole thing, and that “delightful” song that makes it a must at least a couple of times each visit.

4. Jungle Cruise – The jokes are tired (but still appropriate) and there is not a lot of high tech involved here but it’s a pleasant sojourn around the rivers of the world. People still play along with the “Captain” and generally have a good time. It’s a fun relaxing way to start your day.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – It has been classified as a gentle roller coaster but the way it is themed makes the lack of raw speed secondary. You need to ride it during the day and also at night for two completely different experiences. You won’t be sorry!!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean – This one is a no brainer for me. I’m a huge fan of the whole Pirates “thing” from the attraction to all the films. I never tire of the music and the detail in the attraction, it’s a fun adventure every time. I will admit that I prefer the Disneyland Resort version primarily because of the beginning of the ride as you sail through the Blue Bayou Restaurant but I love them both.

1. The Haunted Mansion -This is hands down my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction. The incredible detail in every part of it and the way the story line flows through the entire thing makes it a complete item for me. You won’t often hear this from a real Disney fan but the major refurb they recently did to add to and enhance the story line as well as the effects really added a lot to the attraction. I much prefer it now. We had a kind of extra treat in 2009 when we had to be evacuated from the attraction because it just shut down. We got to see some things that most folks don’t because they had to turn on the lights for a safe evacuation. You can really appreciate the complexity of the attraction when you see it in the light.

These are my favorites, what are yours!! Feel free to comment!! As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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