Mulan Rental On Disney+ Will Last As Long As You Keep Your Subscription

Mulan Disney+

Mulan is coming to Disney+ on September 4!

The announcement was made a few days ago but with a little trick, you have to pay $29.99 extra to be able to watch it. Fans were upset saying it should be free with your Disney+ subscription.

However, Disney Plus confirmed that the premiere access release is not a one time rental but a continuos one for as long as you remain subscribed to the service platform.

“We are looking at Mulan as a one-off as opposed to saying there’s a new business windowing model we are looking at” mentioned Bob Chapek. “That said, we find it very interesting to be able to take a new offering to consumers at that $29.99 price and learn from it and see what happens not only in terms of the uptick of the number of subscribers we got on the platform, but also the number of transactions we get on that PVOD offering.”

Disney recently reported a $3 billion loss due to the impact the pandemic had to the business. This is why releasing Mulan on video on demand via Disney+ is a way to make up for the film lack of a theatrical release.

Besides premiering on Disney Plus, the movie will also be available at select theaters on the same date.

Credit: Comic Book

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