Here Are A Few More Incredibles 2 Plot Details!

Incredibles 2 plot details

We are getting closer to the June release of the much anticipated Incredibles sequel and now we have a few more Incredibles 2 plot details thanks to Entertainment Weekly!

The sequel picks up right where the first movie ended, with Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter), Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson), their children, and Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) defeating a giant robot in a very public and illegal citywide battle.  At this point, you may recall that in the first film superheroes are illegal and that’s still true when the sequel begins.  This government ban happened because the public got tired of the costs associated by the damages caused by their crime fighting.

But it looks like Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk) and his sister, Evelyn (voiced by Catherine Keener) want to “MAKE ALL SUPERS LEGAL AGAIN!”  These two seem to be the most significant additions to the world of the Incredibles.  Running a massive telecommunications company, sharing a link to superheroes in their past and with their money, resources and know-how they believe they can change the way the public views Supers and make them legal once again!

“It’s like when Bill Gates decides that he and his wife want to get rid of malaria,” jokes writer-director Brad Bird. “They support that and put their money behind it. And so [to us] it seemed like a good idea to have somebody feel that way about superheroes. They’ve maybe admired superheroes their whole life, and here, they have a chance to help them.”

And since we know every PR campaign needs a public face, those supers who have already outed themselves – Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible and Frozone – seem like the best choice, right?!  It looks like Elastigirl is going to get the honor of leading that initial mission – resulting in Bob, our favorite Mr. Incredible,  being left behind with the kids!

“It’s hard for him,” admits Nelson, the returning voice behind Bob ‘Mr. Incredible’ Parr. “He feels rejected. He certainly doesn’t feel empowered. He feels that he’s been put into the secondary role and he’s not used to that. In a way, I would think he’s finding a little bit of humiliation. But the great thing about him is that he’s willing to go through that so that the family is taken care of.”

With more plot details emerging – especially details about Winston and Evelyn – we are counting down the days until the June 15th premiere of Incredibles 2!

Source and Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly/Disney Pixar

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