“Miles From Tomorrowland: Missions” Review

miles from tomorrowland loading screen

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the new phone app, Miles From Tomorrowland: Missions. It’s a very cute new game from Disney Junior.

The app is a fun game based on the new hit Disney Junior show, “Miles From Tomorrowland“. I was very excited to try out the new game, since my son is already in love with the new show! It’s a continuous scroll platform game, so you don’t need a lot of controls, just timing and coordination. You move through out the many worlds from the television show,  and complete Missions for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I especially loved the “Messages from Miles”, fun little shorts that give you more insight into the world of Tomorrowland, and Miles.

miles from tomorrowland start screen

The levels start out with a message from Miles’ sister Loretta, who alerts you to the objective of each level. Collecting rare space rocks and power-ups to will help boost your high score, and using the power of your laserang and heat ray will help blast through space debris and obstacles. Different levels also switch between Merch your Robo-Ostrich, and Miles’ blastboard! The blastboard allows you to pull off tricks on ramps and slopes. The levels are all bright and colorful, and look straight out of the new cartoon! Even the voices and facial expressions are right on point. There are additional levels, “planets” after you beat the original free ones that come with the app. The new planets offer even more challenges, to have longer game time with.

miles from tomorrowland in action

The game was a lot of fun, and I had a great time with it. I also played this app with my son who is 3, and a friend of his that is 6. Both boys loved how several things they love about Miles are incorporated, especially catchphrases like “Craters, and Blastastic!  The 6 year old had a great time with it, and was able to handle the controls with ease. Although the show is aimed at preschoolers, they may have a bit of a harder time playing than the 5+ crowd. I would say this is definitely a fully action based game using hand, eye coordination to the fullest, but not focused on puzzles or problem solving.


Awe Craters! Looks like our time is up for now, but I would love to hear how everyone else liked the game, please let us know!

The “Miles from Tomorrowland: Missions” app is now available in the App Store, and coming soon to Google Play And The Amazon Appstore. This app is free with additional levels of game play available for purchase in-app. For more updates, and to find out more about the new Disney Junior Series “Miles from Tomorrowland”, go to DisneyJunior.com/Miles, DisneyStores.com, orFacebook!

“Miles from Tomorrowland” is already showing on Disney Junior, and has been an out of this world ride! I can’t wait to check out the game and blast off with Miles and Merc on all new adventures!



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