Middle school child ordered to remove his Elsa costume on Disney day


According to a report from KTLA 5 news a middle school male student, Austin Lacey, 13, was ordered to remove his Elsa costume which he was wearing as a part of the school’s Disney spirit day.

According to the principal at Ethan Chase Middle School in Riverside County, the only reason he was asked to change was accordance with district policies anything that causes a disruption of class must be take care of.

Lacey’s mother has a different perspective on why he was asked to remove the costume, she claims the principal told her boys should not dress like girls.

Lacey said he wasn’t trying to put out any message just loved going all out with his costumes and felt this was a great costume choice for him. The Elsa costume didn’t bother anyone else in the school. Students were asking to take selfies and telling Lacey what a great job he did on the costume.

The students of the school were so upset they started handing out flyers encouraging the student body to cross-dress the following week as a show of support for the LGBT community.

There was no comment from the principal or the middle school. Maybe the principal should have just….Let it go….

Do you think he should have been able to wear whichever costume he liked or was the principal correct in asking him to remove it? Comment below! 

Photo Credit: KTLA Facebook page

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